Do you enjoy the outdoors? Being closer to nature? Having fun on the water? Now you can easily reach that goal of being your own boss and earning a living doing something that you are truly interested in and passionate about!

No previous skill or specialist training needed, with this exciting, high quality unique product just launching into the Nordic Region. Fantastic opportunities now exist for motivated people who either want to start their own 'Lifestyle' business or you maybe an existing watersports business operator that wants to add High Performance 'Chiliboats' Water Cycles to your rental options or sales inventory in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. 

Group Activities & Events

Great rental opportunities as a perfect activity for families, groups and ideal for team building and business kick off events. Create a buzz on the water for batchelor parties or birthday fun! Sell gift cards to extend the sales opportunites.

Flexible Locations

A fully mobile and portable business,with each water bike that packs down into a rucksack and along with the lightweight frame, is ready for quick and simple assembly on site. Ideal for use on lakes, rivers, sea, fjord or any navigable water.

The Cycles

Eco Friendly, Low Cost

No motors no fuel, truly eco friendly fun! You can operate without harm to the environment, and can easily establish a profitable rental operation with as few as 4 cycles. Include our optional support package with a bespoke website with online booking system and you are set to go!

There are two types of Chiliboat high performance Water Cycle - The BikeBoat UP and the BikeBoat Rec (Recumbent)

The 'UP' is a classic style of cycle affording the rider a more upright posture with a higher centre of gravity -

Continual improvements since it's inception over 10 years ago have made the BikeBoat Up perfect in every single detail.

The BikeBoat Rec gives the rider the comfort of a recumbent cycle with a lower centre of gravity as the rider is seated lower it offers less wind resistance.

Each Bikeboat is fully adjustable, lightweight and extremely stable due to it's catamaran design and is easy to handle because the seat and handlebars are always at the optimal height for each individual user.


Exploring the lake in Skåne

So peaceful and such fun! Gliding smoothly across the lake, close to nature and seeing the entire landscape from a new perspective.

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